Benefits and Uses of CBD Infused Honey Sticks


Honey is considered a healthy food and is being used for centuries by humans. It has antibacterial, antiseptic and other various health benefits. Honey is also used as natural remedy to heal wounds, Satoshily soothe burns.

On the other hand, CBD is a chemical compound extracted from the cannabis plant and has numerous health benefits. CBD is popular for alleviating chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, blood pressure and so. Now honey is mixed with this magic herb, to give the user optimized benefits of both the superfoods.

This is available as CBD honey sticks and is easy and delicious way of getting all the benefits of this combo. These sticks look just like drinking straws and are filled with honey and CBD. You can easily throw some in your handbag and use them on the go. For those who don’t like the earthy flavor of CBD, these sticks are the best alternates.

You should be cautious in choosing the genuine seller to be on the safer side. When you buy these CBD honey sticks from Just CBDStore, you can make sure that you get the exact amount of CBD from your dose. They use organically grown hemp crops for their products and all their products are tested for highest quality standards.

CBD honey sticks won’t get you high since the CBD used is extracted from industrial hemp that has only traces, i.e., lesser than 0.3% of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which is not enough to give the user the mind-altered state. Hence, without worrying you can enjoy the benefits of these healthy sticks.

These sticks are amazingly easy to use anywhere, anytime. Just grab a stick from your purse, cut the end of the tube and just suck the healthy content. No need of measuring, vaporizing etc., It is also easy to mix this with other foods. Just treat this as a glob of honey and mix it to your favorite cereal, tea or any other food of your choice.

When it comes to the dosage, it is always good to start with the low amount of CBD. From the label of your product, you will get the guidance of dosage. Depending on your ailment, weight and age, you may need to adjust your dosage and watch how your body responds to that dosage. It may take minimum of 15 minutes for the CBD to kick in.

Like any other CBD products, CBD honey sticks are effective in alleviating pain, treating migraine, improving sleeping patterns and such. When it is combined with honey, it gives you enhanced taste and ability to fight wounds, reduce inflammation, cure coughs, boost energy, improve heart health and treat sore throat.

If you worried about the side effects of these honey sticks, it has the same side effects as that of other CBD products. Some common side effects include dryness of mouth, nausea, diarrhea and if you are under any medications, it may get in the way. So, before starting on your CBD routine, consult your physician to know whether if it is safe for you or not.